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Node.js是用于构建实时、可扩展应用程序的强大Javascript平台,在软件开发者中获得了强大动力。Node的事件驱动,非阻塞I/O和Javascipt优秀的事件模型很好地契合在一起,可以使用更少更符合直觉的代码开发出复杂的应用程序。Node建立在Google的V8 Javascript引擎之上,也正是这个引擎给与Chrome浏览器闪电般的速度。Node是非常先进的技术,现在被用于Microsoft ,Ebay ,VMWare ,和Twitter 等企业。所以,你被说服了么?如果你想试试Node.js,这里有我最喜欢的帮助开发者加快学习Node的教程,范例和指南:




Node.js是前端还是后端 NodeBeginner是由Manuel Kiessling编写的在线书籍,他的目标是“让你开始使用Node.js开发应用程序,同时教你一些‘高级’的Javascript”。里面有大量解释和很多Node范例,这本书是从Node.js新手到编写有用应用程序的关键资料。如果你像我这样,你也会从中发现一些关于Javascript编程的新东西。这是我最喜欢的新手教程。
Learn Node.js by Example 这是我开发的针对新手的课程,托管于。这个课程是基于项目的,引导学生通过开发实例学习。讲授主要通过屏幕录制,花了大量时间在编码上。我正在为其加入新的内容,订阅者可以不需要额外付费就能访问所有内容,即使课程价格涨价。点击获得5折优惠!
Mastering Node T.J. Holowaychuk,Express和Jade这些关键工具的创造者,他写了本名叫“Mastering Node”的开源电子书,托管于Github。该书有多种格式,包括html,mobi,epub和pdf,由世界上知识最渊博的Node.js程序员之一编写。这本Node指南你一定要看一看。 Rails有Railscasts,而Node.js有NodeTuts 。Pedro Teixeira收集了大量解释Node.js编程方方面面的截屏(在编写本文时有30个)。他的实例和解释都非常实用而且有教育性。高分推荐。 HowToNode是由Cloud9的Nodejs.js社区管理员兼Node.js开源项目的核心贡献者Tim Caswell创建的由社区支持的博客。这个网站包含多个Node.js社区贡献的Node教程,包含Node编程的方方面面。如果你是新手,我不推荐你把它当作学习的第一手资料,但是一旦你基本理解了Node,那么它会提供很多有趣的技术和话题。

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Node.js, a powerful JavaScript platform for building real-time, scalable applications, is gaining momentum among software developers. Node’s event-driven, non-blocking approach to I/O fits perfectly with JavaScripts excellent event model, allowing complex applications to be developed intuitively, with less code. Node is also built on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the superior runtime that gives the Chrome browser its blazing fast performance. Node is an up and coming technology, currently in use by powerhouses such as

Microsoft , Ebay , VMWare , and Twitter . So, are you convinced? If you want to give Node.js a try, here’s a list of my favorite Node tutorials, examples, and guides designed to help developers get up to speed on Node.js. NodeBeginner is an online book by Manuel Kiessling that aims to “get you started with developing applications with Node.js, teaching you everything you need to know about “advanced” JavaScript along the way”. Filled with great explanations and a lot of Node examples, this book is a key resource to take a developer from Node.js beginner to programming useful applications. If you are anything like me, you’ll also learn a few new things about JavaScript programming while you are at it! This is one of my favorites for those just getting started.
Learn Node.js by Example This is a course I developed for Node.js beginners, hosted at at The course is project-based, guiding students to learn by developing example applications. Instruction is given mainly through screencasts, with a lot of time spent in code. I’m actively developing new content for it, and subscribers get access to all new content for no extra cost, even if the course goes up in price. Click here to get 50% off now!
Mastering Node T.J. Holowaychuk, creater of pivotal Node.js tools such as Express and Jade, has an open source ebook called “Mastering Node” hosted at Github. The book, available in multiple formats, including html, mobl, epub, and pdf, is an excellent resource from one of the most knowledgeable Node.js programmers in the world. This is a Node guide you should definitely take a look at. Rails has Railscasts, and Node.js has NodeTuts Pedro Teixeira has a large collection (30 and counting at the time of this writing!) of screencasts explaining various aspects of Node.js programming. His examples and explanations are practical, and extremely instructive. Highly recommended! HowToNode is a community-supported blog created by Tim Caswell, the Node.js community manager at Cloud9 and core contributor to the Node.js open source project. The site contains a number of Node tutorials contributed by the Node.js community, on a variety of specific Node programming topics. This isn’t where I’d start to learn Node.js as a beginner, but it is an excellent resource to be exposed to interesting techniques and topics once you have a basic understanding of Node.
Now get out there and learn to Node!

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